Consumer & Retail

The Consumer & Retail sector faces unprecedented challenges and opportunities. In emerging markets like India, rising disposable incomes continue to drive up demand. Meanwhile, companies are struggling with increased price sensitivity against a backdrop of austerity, unemployment and competition – especially via mobile, online and discount channels.

Today, the traditional retail business model co-exists alongside other growing channels, creating the omni-channel retailer. Data mining and business analytics have become core functions. Consumer companies struggle for relevance, intensifying the emphasis on innovation. To meet retail expectations, they must also be efficient and cost effective, as margins continue to be squeezed and shared.

This dynamic context demands senior business leaders who are able to navigate with minimum effort and focus energy on manageable solutions. Leaders with the agility to adapt to accelerating change and opportunities whilst maintaining a forward-looking strategic focus are in demand.The competition is intensifying to attract those leaders who are able to pave the way in helping companies redefine themselves – and to do so sustainably.

Our Expertise

Amrop India’s Consumer Practice Group has deep insights into the challenges facing specific market segments – enabling us to identify the talent that will fit each client’s unique culture, structure, business and strategic goals.We can assist you in designing a compelling employee value proposition to attract and retain highly-skilled executives with the leadership qualities and resilience you seek.

Over 25% of Amrop’s India Practice consists of delivery in this sector. Our Consumer & Retail Practice is contextual to the inherent diversity of this industry and yet it has core singular talent understanding. FMCG, consumer durables, and retail form key parts of this Practice.

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