What’s Next in Education

Our Whats’ Next Briefing Series explores upcoming sectoral trends and its likely impact on leadership. In this briefing, we explore five key trends likely to impact the Education sector in India in the coming years.

The transformation in the education sector is much ahead of the policy framework. The rapid increase in demand for high quality education promoted by private players has spurred a nascent sector to become a sunrise sector. As with other sectors, new category of demand is driving investment. Private players were quick to spot the opportunity at a K12 level, which led to the emergence of International schools across the country. Now, Indians are demanding world class institutions in higher education. The new segment is of parents who want global education in Indian conditions, close to home. The UPA government whetted appetite by promising the entry of global education institutions. But since the legislation is pending, domestic entities are stepping up to meet the needs.

As a result, higher education has become a hot target for private players. In fact, over the course of the next decade, we expect higher education (K12, vocational, and skills development) to become a key investment focus area for the private sector even as K12 continues to expand. With rising disposable income, spend on education is becoming a key priority. Globally, higher education institutions are run in professional, corporate and earning oriented manner. A similar outlook will drive the need for experienced professionals to lead domestic but global institutions of higher education.

In this briefing, we explore five key trends likely to impact the future of higher education in India in the coming years.

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